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What color should I paint a furnished basement that has no windows? The couch is navy blue and the rug is grey

The only restrictions are the navy blue leather couch and the carpet which is a light grey. There are no windows so I don't want it to look too small or have the color be too overwhelming. Any suggestions? I thought maybe a yellow or orange type of color but I can't really decide!What color should I paint a furnished basement that has no windows? The couch is navy blue and the rug is grey
You're going to want to brighten up the room, try a yellow or even yellow-beige (Tuscany yellow) if your not in to plain yellow. You could go with a very bight white, but i personally a hint of color always makes things brighter. Pale orange is a nice alternative as well, but you have to be careful with orange. You don't want it to feel like your inside fruit!What color should I paint a furnished basement that has no windows? The couch is navy blue and the rug is grey
I think white is a good color for a room such as this. Your furniture and rug are don't have any windows...definitely go with white to bring some needed air to the space. If you must have color, think about making an accent wall, stripe or border with a color, since you've got a grey and navy...try a nice slate for accent, it's a very rich and tasteful color.
I'd go with a either a grain or water color from this site;
A medium blue-grey shade would be nice, or a golden yellow earth tone.
off white, antique white

keep it bright
i'd do a yellow-orange mixed with quite a bit of white
I like your idea of yellow. It will make the room seem sunny and bright and you need that without windows. Choose a very light shade. Yellow, more than any other color, intensifies when put on the wall. You might consider making ';fake windows';. Go to a thrift store and buy old window frames. The bigger the better. Paint them.Then buy a beautiful scenic poster to staple behind the frame. Hang and you have an instant window with a view. You could even change the posters for the different seasons. Have fun!
';whole wheat'; by Sherwin Williams.

When removing windows with lead paint on the wall.?

This building was built before 1950. Now we want to remove the windows and replace with new. There are people working in the building. 1. What kind of contractor do I need. 2. Do I need to remove the people that are working in the building.When removing windows with lead paint on the wall.?
The easy answer is ....

CONTAIN the area with 4 or 6 mill poly.....

WORK wet.........

CLEAN up with HEPA vac / wash / HEPA vac cycles.

The workers will be subject to OSHA regulation CFR 29 1926.62 which states they my not be exposed to more than 49 micrograms of lead per cubic meter (ug/m3) of air over a 8 hour time weighted average.

If this is ';Targeted Housing'; they may not leave more than 39 micrograms of lead per square foot (ug/ft2) on the floors and not more than 249 ug/ft2 on the interior window sills.

If you are calling this work ';lead-paint abatement'; the contractor must be certified as well as each worker. If the intent is to upgrade the building they only need ';lead safe work practices'; training.

For more info please read鈥?/a> Its a book I wrote for parents doing re-modeling or having it done. And lead issues in general. It was paid for by a fed/state grant. Which means its your book as much as mine. Education about this subject is my job.

(Look at the very last page to see a list of questions to ask the contractors)

For more direct questions please contact me at And feel free to pass this along to others.When removing windows with lead paint on the wall.?
Unlike asbestas, lead is not an airborn contaminate. Handling of lead surfaces should be done only with personnel wearing safety glasses, dust mask, long sleeved shirts and gloves.

If I remember correctly, the lead risk factor is only a 2 and that's with direct contact. Substances and/or chemicals with a risk factor of a 5 or above require special training, safety clothing and/or equipment for handling
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  • What is the white paint/coating that shop fitters smear on windows to hide the interior during work?

    Is there anything about the home that you can use to create this effect?What is the white paint/coating that shop fitters smear on windows to hide the interior during work?
    car waxWhat is the white paint/coating that shop fitters smear on windows to hide the interior during work?
    Probably a whitewash. Ask the paint store.
    car wax or a mixture of comet and water

    What color paint will brighten a room with no windows besides white?

    Unfortunately, our kitchen has no windows, and it's a fairly small area. The layout is actually made that if we put in a window, it would be in the garage. Not our idea at all.

    We are looking for some ideas or any advice on what we can do to this kitchen. Love to buy another house, but this one was in our budget.

    We already have fluorescent lighting, which actually doesn't seem to help much.

    So any advice or ideas would be greatly appreciated!What color paint will brighten a room with no windows besides white?
    All paint colors are indexed with a ';reflectivity index'; which is a scientific assessment of how much light a color puts back into the room. Nothing is brighter than white paint.

    Something you should know is that in most kitchens, a majority of the wall space is taken up with cabinetry. This means that wall space dedicated to paint is minimal and that any effort to manipulate the space with paint will be minimally successful. So, here's what I do to help kitchens out; kitchens are the heart of the home and associated with warmth, cooking and brown toasty things. Your eye craves contrast and contrast is what makes spaces look smaller. If your wood is a medium tone and you paint the walls a light color, it will make the wood look darker and due to the contrast, smaller. It seems silly I know to think that painting your walls a darker tone will make the space seem bigger but it will. I have done this for thousands of clients and they love the results. Remember that most of your wallspace is cabinetry so the last thing you want to do is make them look darker. The goal for your space is to take its inherent characteristic and play to it. The room will never be a garden space filled with light so you should go for the warm and cozy look. Much like I will never be a supermodel, I must concentrate on the things that I do well LOL%26gt;

    Paint the walls a wood like color, don't be afraid to go a little deeper. If your cabinets are oak, try Ben Moore's #1102, if the cabinets are darker, go for a terra cotta color. Clay pots and clay-like colors are naturals in will love your new space guaranteed! Then decorate with bold accent colors in dishes and accessories.


    BeverlyWhat color paint will brighten a room with no windows besides white?
    Depends on your kitchen cabinets %26amp; appliances. Consider the color in the wood (i.e., oak tends to be yellow, walnut tends to be brown etc). Some whites are cold especially if they are blue whites; a creamy white is warm but still bright, and if appropriate you could consider yellow. One thing to consider with the fluorescent lighting is to use full spectrum (daylight) light bulbs, and also lighting under the upper cabinets to light up your task area.
    We use a color called shy peach from Wal-Mart. but any light tint of color would help with lighter appearance. In the old days they said never use blue in the kitchen but those rules are out the window. Choose a color which goes well with your decor, then have the paint store show you some of the lightest tints of that color.
    PINK? or YELLOW?

    What can I do about lead paint on my windows. I have a 5 year old?

    I'm afraid for my daughter please help!!!!!What can I do about lead paint on my windows. I have a 5 year old?
    Most cases of lead poisoning from paint come from under-fed and poorly supervised children eating paint flakes that were already peeling off, or were easily peeled off.

    Other cases have occurred in children when people were remodeling and dry scraping or sandpapering painted surfaces, thereby putting paint dust into the air where they can be inhaled or contaminate food or eating utensils.

    If the paint is wearing off the window frame from opening and closing the window, paint dust could accumulate on or around the windowsill, and/or get into the air.

    If you decide to remove it, it would be better to use a chemical paint-stripper designed for lead oil-based paint, rather than using any type of dry scraping or sanding process. Your daughter should not be in the room while removal is underway and the windows are repainted.

    The waste products should be kept out of her reach and disposed of in a hazardous waste facility, if possible. Depending on local laws, it might be illegal to toss it into the trash.What can I do about lead paint on my windows. I have a 5 year old?
    To find out the proper way to take care of that. Call a paint store. They should be able to help you. If not try looking in your phone book For a goverment agency that can help you.
    Clean it up, scrap it off, clean up again, prime, repaint.
    is it chipping?...the paint chips contain lead..... you can just paint over it with a latex paint..... it is only a hazard if it is ingested ...
    If it's not chipping you can paint over it However if it is lead it is probably oil base you will need to use a oil base paint.

    On the other hand if it's chipping it is a different story. It can be in the dust of your house!!!!! My parents had this problem. My parents had someone come in and take care of it. I'm not sure you can do it yourself. I do know everyone working on it needs to have a respirator on and you shouldn't be staying at the house when it's done.

    You might want to get you daughter tested for lead levels.
    Check with your community development dept with the city. They may have a lead abatement program. We had the same problem. The city sent in a service and they went through the whole house inside and out and took meter readings and filled out a zone by zone report. Then companies bid for the job and encapsulated all areas with lead according to the report. You may have more than lead paint. Some finishes in the old days had lead content also. For your childrens sake be aware where the lead is. Good Luck!! Hope this helps.鈥?/a>

    lead paint info site
    Ideally, abatement. Reallistic, Paint it. 2 coats latex, 1 coat oil. You really should have it removed.

    God Bless

    How do I use Paint Shop Pro 9 on Windows Vista?

    I'm having trouble running Paint Shop Pro 9 on Windows Vista Home Premium, and I want to know if there's any way I could get it to work without having to buy anything. How do I use Paint Shop Pro 9 on Windows Vista?
    I don麓t have Vista myself, but I have heard that it works fine with Vista apart from the fact that ';Aero'; does not work when you use PSP 9.

    Did you install the patch to PSP 9? I think that you still can find it via Jasc.How do I use Paint Shop Pro 9 on Windows Vista?
    Some softwres are not combattable to Vista but it should say on the CD case
    Jeez i don't know

    What is the Mac version of paint (windows)?

    what is the apple mac version of windows paint and do you have to buy it or download it?What is the Mac version of paint (windows)?
    I've a Mac, I'm not really aware of any paint programs for it.

    Instead, I go online and use SumoPaint:

    It's just like paint, you can open and save work on your computer and whatnot.What is the Mac version of paint (windows)?
    mac sucks